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Welcome to Venzano Pelle

We believe the artistry of the interior of an automobile is its soul. Every custom masterpiece is built with a passion for design, dedication to detail, and handcrafted using only the worlds finest leathers.

Let us create your new masterpiece.

Premium Select Brazilian Brahma Bull Hide.

Every section of our interiors are hand crafted and dyed to create exquisite perforated leather filled with contrasting colors and a unique grain. We use top of the line bull hide for our leather interiors to give every region the softest touch on the market. You deserve the best and so does your automobile.

Personalized Craftsmanship.

Evident in every stitch, when you work with Venzano Pelle you get quality, artistry, and perfection all in one automobile. We hand select top quality bull hides to create a one of a kind interior specifically for your Lamborghini Gallardo. Elevate your automobile to supercar status.

The Beauty of Customization.

Have a vision for your Lamborghini Gallardo? Let us make it a reality with our 10-14 week customized interior program. Express your personality to the fullest by making your automobile even more unique. With every exotic interior we design our goal remains the same: to create a masterpiece reflecting luxury, quality, and pure artistry.

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